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Business Foundations Mentorship Program

Set your foundation for sustainable growth

Bottom line you love helping people and it shows! As a practitioner you are really good at what you do and your clients absolutely love you. You have dreamt about helping more (and more and more …) people and so opening a wellness center was a natural next step.

The problem is it doesn’t feel natural!

You may have learned basic business skills along the way but no one showed you a foolproof business strategy that would allow your wellness center to effortlessly attract both clients and a dream team of practitioners to support them.

Our Business Foundations Mentorship Program introduces you to that foolproof business strategy!

Our Business Foundations Mentorship Program:

  • Uses practical, hands-on training and support that shows you how to operate and scale up your business.
  • Addresses your specific business needs so you can get the help to make the most impact right away.
  • Is delivered one-on-one by mentors who understand your needs because we were once where you are. You’ll get the support you need to succeed.

In 12 weeks, we give you the tools, skills and mindset you need to significantly transform your business, including:

Weekly calls with your mentor that holds you accountable to your business goals. We’ll help you overcome the specific challenges you’re facing in your business.

Tools, videos, handouts and resources to support your business and allow you to set your business up for success. These are the exact tools your mentor is using in their own business to stay on track to achieving their goals.

Customized implementation plan so you’ll know the exact steps you need to take to finally see changes and show others that you’re making a difference.

Practical strategies, processes and systems you can apply to create a sustainable business that doesn’t rely solely on you.

Our exclusive Facebook Group so you have access to others who actually understand your challenges and can walk you through how they addressed the issue. You don’t have to do business alone.

Monthly Q&A calls with all clients so you can learn from the challenges other businesses are facing and get support from our team of Mentors who will give you action steps and unbiased opinions to achieve success faster.

Our proven program helps you set the building blocks to create a thriving business you love.


Step 1: Strengthen

  • Develop a solid vision to focus on the right areas of your business that will drive you to success and attract the right team members to achieve your goals
  • Create a realistic business plan to set a strategy to grow your business
  • Understand business financials so you know exactly how your business is doing and can make informed decisions

Step 2: Expand

  • Implement a rinse and repeat marketing formula to bring you a consistent flow of clients when you want them
  • Build a culture where your dream practitioners are lining up to join you and are as vested in your vision as you are
  • Learn how your business numbers play a role and the exact numbers to watch to increase your profits

Step 3: Accelerate

  • Learn to leverage your reputation and your skills to be able to help more and more people
  • Understand exactly how and what to monitor and measure your business so you finally see the success you want
  • Gain valuable insights to make the right decisions in your business that will add money to your profit margins and give you more time for the people and things you love

The Details

12-week program

Week 1: Business Plan development call – @ 60 minutes in length

Week 2 – 12: 1:1 calls with your mentor weekly @ 30 minutes in length

Supported with online videos, resources and trainings

Limited email, text and phone support during business days/hours

Investment:  $1,000 per month


“I reached out to Yvonne because I believe I will soon have more work coming in and I didn’t feel prepared. When you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. Yvonne provided fresh calm eyes to look strategically at my business, find the gaps and create a new seamless process to work through the customer journey. Yvonne gave us a plan and a tool (the best tool) to get everything into one system that will allow us to handle volume. I am ready and positioned to thrive in my business.”

Heather Reid

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Set the best foundations to grow your business today!

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