Step 1 - Strengthen

Every business needs to first build a strong foundation. We help you understand the strategies and skills needed for success!


Step 2 - Expand

Growing a business can often mean more hours and less profits. Learn how you can grow without sacrificing your freedom OR profits!


Step 3 - Accelerate

Acceleration in business can be rapid with the right things in place!! We can show you how to build a healthy and profitable business so you can put more money in your pocket!


Step 4 - Delegate

Imagine a business that ran both with and without you … A day off wouldn’t mean your business took the day off too! We show you how to find and retain superstars who support you and your vision!


Step 5 – Celebrate

Living your best life is possible! Especially when you have a business that can support your dream lifestyle!

Want to Learn How to Build a Successful Wellness Center?

Our simple strategy will show you exactly how!

You are a great practitioner, your clients love you and your waiting list is long. You wish you knew how to help even more people, but there are only so many hours in a day.

At BEST we are the business coach for wellness entrepreneurs and health professionals. We will show you a business strategy that uses a simple formula to allow you to start and/or build your wellness center to be THE hotspot that both practitioners and clients are lining up for without sacrificing more time and energy.

Want to Learn How to Build a Successful Wellness Center?

We love to coach Wellness Entrepreneurs who have dreams of building a thriving and highly profitable wellness center business that allows them to help more (and more … and more) people!

Plus we love to support and coach health professionals who are:

We love to coach Wellness Entrepreneurs

Committed to opening or growing their wellness center, day spa or retreat center

Passionate about what they do

Enthusiastic to help others and want to help even more people

Willing to do the work and be held accountable to taking action

Open to the belief that mindset plays an important role in our success

Ready to learn strategies to build a thriving business without sacrificing work / life harmony and balance

What we do

The ‘How To’ of Business Training Programs

Most training programs just tell you what to do. But we also show you the how and why to do it. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, we promise you’ll get this and more in return:


More time

Develop strategies to free yourself and your time from the daily business operations


Customized training

Get tailored training that addresses your immediate and long-term business needs



Establish practical systems, processes and plans you can easily apply to your business from the first day


Business skills

Learn best mindset and business practices you can use to create sustainable growth


Accountability and support

Grow with a team of like-minded business owners who will hold you to your word and cheer you on to achieve your goals


Increased income

Generate more sales and income as your business grows


Work-life harmony

Be on top of your business so you can spend more time with loved ones and enjoy life again

What clients say

Here’s why our clients say BEST is the way to go

Business Tactics

Your Business Excellence Starts Today!

Step #1 Free Fit Call – Get started by signing up for a free Fit Call so we can answer your questions and see if we are a good fit for each other!

Step #2 Free Business Assessment and Strategy Session – When we determine you are a good fit we will schedule your free 1 Hour Business Assessment and Strategy Session ($500 value)



Happy Clients



Increased monthly revenues



Team members to
support you

See what’s happening with our BEST Community

Our BEST Facebook community

See what’s happening with our BEST family

Join our Facebook group today where we share top tips and advice to use the skills you developed as a practitioner into developing a hugely profitable business!

The BEST Way to Grow Your Business


Business Foundations Mentorship Program

Your business may have started because you were a great practitioner with a desire to help more people and create a life on your own terms.

The problem is no one gives you the blueprints on how to run a successful wellness center or how to find and manage a great team to support you. Until now! Our Business Foundations mentorship fills in the gaps so you can:

Put the right systems and processes in place for a sustainable business

Develop a practical and effective wellness center business plan

Have confidence in your ability to build a successful wellness center with a CEO mindset and strategy

Become THE hotspot that both practitioners and clients are lining up for

Stop working 24/7 and spend more time with the people and things you love

And much more!

Ideal for those who

Are ready to use their skills as a practitioner and open their own business

Have recently opened their own wellness center

Want to learn the exact business skills it takes to build a successful business


Solo to CEO Mentorship Program

You are a great practitioner … now use those skills to build a highly profitable wellness center where you can help more people without sacrificing time and energy for the people and things you love.

Our Solo to CEO mentorship program puts you in the driver’s seat to accelerate the growth of your center and embrace your role as CEO. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Our programs will help you:

Gain valuable insight and support from a successful business owner and mentor

Deep dive into your business needs and develop practical solutions to achieve your goals

Grow your wellness center with the right people, structures and systems

Utilize our simple business strategy that uses a rinse and repeat marketing formula to bring you a consistent flow of clients when you want them

Create a business that’s not dependent on just you to operate

Avoid burnout and free up your schedule so you can do more of what you love

And much more!

Ideal for those who

Want to grow their existing wellness center and/or become more profitable

Would be ideal for our Business Foundations Program but want additional on-demand support not offered in this program


Stop the Roller Coaster ride

Running a business can often feel like a roller coaster ride of unsustainable success … it doesn’t have to be that way!

BEST Entrepreneur Growth Cycle

Our easy 5-step entrepreneur growth cycle can have you off the roller coaster and enjoying a smooth ride!


Our Experts

Meet Our Team

Colin Sprake | Strategic Partner

Colin Sprake

CEO & Strategic Partner

Yvonne Weld | Strategic Partner, Mentor

Yvonne Weld

Strategic Partner / Mentor

Raj Grewal | Mentor

Raj Grewal


Simer Grewal | Mentor

Simer Grewal



Brennan Weld

Client Experience Manager

Not sure where to start? We can help you figure it out.