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If ANY of the following has you saying "OMG That's Me",

You Need to say "YES" to this program!


Do you start each year (or even each quarter) with really great ideas and visions, but then you get to the next year with the same dreams unfulfilled?

Do you have dreams of growing your business, but the idea of having to put in more hours is stopping you?

When you go on vacation your business goes on vacation too... so you've minimized (or stopped) how often you do!

Are you turning clients away because you don't have the capacity to help them... but the reality is you really want to help more people?

Do you tell yourself that you would hire a team to support you, but 'it is faster and easier to do it yourself... and your clients expect you'?

Do you believe you cannot afford to hire a team and still have a profit for yourself?

Are you ready to work less and earn more AND still have more family time and more time for your hobbies?

Our coaching program will focus on the 4 easy steps each business owner needs to follow in order to thrive as a business and become highly profitable... all without working longer hours.

Upon completion of this program you will have ...

Plan icon

A Solid Plan

One that is easy to follow so you can ensure your vision becomes a reality... FINALLY!!


Maximum Profits in Your Pocket!

Our simple strategies will show you how to ensure you grow your business without sacrificing profits.


A Clearly Defined Delivery Process

So you can ensure your clients receive the EXACT same service they have come to depend on receiving from you... no matter who helps them!


Tools to Build a Team

So you can take time off with the confidence your business is in really great hands.

What is included in this program...

Monthly workshop to create the exact tools you need for success (attend either in person or virtually)

Templates and resources that are easily adaptable to YOUR business

Two 1:1 calls each month with your coach to answer your business questions and support you in the implementation of what you learn at the workshops

Your Investment is ONLY $300 per month (or $1000 pay in full)

What The Workshops Will Cover ...

Workshop 1 - Saturday, December 3, 2022 - 10am - 3pm Eastern time

Step #1... From Vision to Plan

Vison to plan

Often as entrepreneurs, we have a really clear vision in our heads of exactly where we want our business to go. We set goals and sometimes those goals remain the same month after month, year after year... but why?

The answer is simple... a vision or goal without a plan is only a dream!

In this workshop, we will show you a simple strategy for how to easily reverse engineer your goals and visions and then create the plan that ensures it ALWAYS becomes a reality!!

You will walk away from this workshop with a template that can be used again and again, year after year with each new dream, vision and goal for your business!

Workshop 2 - Saturday, January 7, 2023 - 10am - 3pm Eastern time

Step #2... Understand your numbers so you can maximize your profits

One of the primary purposes for any business is to maximize profits, otherwise why have a business at all! Yet so many entrepreneurs are not making the profits they could in business.

There are so many considerations when it comes to maximizing profits such as properly pricing your services and products, determining which expenses are good investments for your business and when and how you can afford the things you need to grow and achieve your ideal business vision!

In this workshop, we will share with you the exact strategies you need and the numbers you should be paying attention to in order to maximize profits.

You will walk away from this workshop with a tool that will allow you to see the impact each financial decision has on the bottom line of your business so you can make better financial decisions.

Workshop 3 - Saturday, February 4, 2023 - 10am - 3pm Eastern time

Step #3... Defining and creating a repeatable delivery process

Do you know why most businesses can never grow?

It is because the majority of the business is tied to the business owner. Most of how the business runs, is in their head and because they have done it again and again it has become robotic for them. They just know exactly what the client needs and exactly how to deliver it, but to show someone else... that is where the problem lies.

In this workshop, we will show you exactly how to get that information out of your head and define exactly how you expect your services and products to be delivered so others can step in and deliver the products exactly as you would!

You will walk away from this workshop with a step-by-step process that someone else can easily follow.

The best part is your business will NO LONGER be tied to you and this will allow you to easily train others to deliver your services to your clients.

Workshop 4 - March 11, 2023 - 10am - 3pm Eastern time

Step #4... Define and build the team to help you reach your vision

Now that you have the plan to reach your vision, you know you can afford it and your service delivery has been well defined it is time to build the team... this is what will allow you to finally have your FREEDOM BASED BUSINESS!!

Building a team should never be as simple as placing an advertisement and hiring one of the candidates, yet this is often what happens. 

In this workshop, we will share with you an easy strategy to easily attract your ideal hiring candidates each time and more importantly how to identify and weed out hiring candidates that will be like a "poison" to your business. This strategy will allow you to only build your team with the EXACT people you need and want!

You will walk away with all the tools you need to make hiring (and training) easy every SINGLE time!

More importantly, you will have the confidence you need in your team to finally let go and take some much deserved time off!!

REMEMBER... your Investment is ONLY $300 per month (or $1000 pay in full) for all of this!!

Meet Your Coach, Yvonne Weld!

“I don’t just tell you what to do, I tell you how and why. I’m not afraid to get into your business and help you with the implementation.”

Yvonne Weld knows firsthand the entrepreneurial challenges of moving from practitioner to a busy multi-person business. She built her business as a virtual assistant from 2006 to 2017 and grew from solo to a team of 7 Virtual Assistants each with their own skills to compliment each other.

In 2017, she transitioned into the role of Business Coach / Consultant and started The Weld Group, which continues to exist today. The focus of this business is to assist business owners to create the systems and processes and standard operations manuals needed to have a strong business foundation.

Even as a Virtual Assistant, Yvonne mentored her business owner clients for years and became a sounding board for their business. She would not only offer suggestions and ideas to their issues but implement those ideas on their behalf so she not only knows what to do to succeed but also exactly how to get it done! She gained a reputation as so much more than a Virtual Assistant including business managers, strategists and implementers!

As a parent, she understands the care and empathy needed to help someone grow to their fullest potential. She applies those same skills to help her clients to feel supported and understood as they work through the best decisions and take the actions necessary to run the business of their dreams.

Over the years her favourite clients have been practitioners with a dream to build a thriving business. Her expertise is in hiring and building teams, delegating, systems and processes and she absolutely loves numbers and the role they play in business!

Yvonne’s gift of encouragement and tough love approach will hold you accountable for getting the results you want for your business so you can live the lifestyle you know you deserve.

Still Not Sure?? Here are some of the questions we have been asked

Q1 - What if I have no desire to build a team in my business (or don't think I will be ready to build a team before workshop #4)?

Even if you know you are not going to build a team before the end of this program, you should still register. The tools we will teach you regarding building a team will always help you whether you are hiring a full-time employee or even subcontracting to a bookkeeper or virtual assistant for a few hours a week or even per month.

Q2 - Where are the workshops being held?

The workshops will be held at our offices in Strathroy, Ontario. You can also choose to attend the workshops virtually as we will be hosting them simultaneously on zoom.

Q3 - I am not local to you, can I still join?

Absolutely!!! As above, the workshops will be simultaneously hosted over zoom and the 1:1 calls take place via zoom as well.

Q4 - What if I can't attend on one or more of these dates?

That's okay, we will be recording these sessions and we are happy to send you the recordings after the call.

However, if at all possible we suggest adjusting your schedule as there are definitely advantages to attending live and there will also be some bonus resources provided to attendees only!

Q5 - I am still not sure and I have a few more questions for you.

That's great, let's schedule a FREE fit call so we can see if you and your business are the BEST fit for this program! And more importantly so I can answer all your questions!